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    As a branch of SQPEC, the Cost Consultation Co is a Class A entity qualified in conducting engineering cost consultation as certified by the Ministry of Construction. It is now staffed by 16 state-registered cost engineers, 12 state-registered consultants and 35 employees qualified in conducting cost estimate and budget in both Shandong Province and SINOPEC.

    The Cost Consultation Branch was established by taking a high starting point and applying stringent standards. It has strong technical and management force and extensive experience in management. By relying upon its talents with high professional knowledge, professional skills and dedication and complete management system, hardware and software facilities, it has achieved standardized professional management, automation and internet-based business operation, thus paving a good way for efficient carry-out of its cost consultation business and further business development.

    The business scope of the Branch includes preparation and review of project proposals, investment estimate in FSR and technical and economic assessment; development and review of project BED/preliminary design estimate, preparation and audit of project bill of quantities, bid price for bidding, construction drawing budget and project account settlement, provision of investment control executive schemes or whole project process and at different stages of project design, construction, bidding, equipment and material procurement and as-built settlement, confirmation and provision of consultative comments on claims and counterclaims on engineering cost during project construction between parties to contract, assignment of engineering cost professionals to provide technical service at site as well as base for training and probation for them.

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