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    As a branch organization of Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd, the Property Management Branch which serves parent company was established on December 15th, 2003, which is engaged in logistical support, comprehensive management, security, house rental and labor service export and so on. It consists of the Comprehensive Dept, the Finance Dept, Administrative Dept and Security Dept. It is staffed by 18 employees engaged in management, technical issues and various services, including one accountant, one state registered supervision engineer, one certified for property management in national level enterprises, five certified for special operations for elevators and electrical works, two certified for central air conditioning system and one certified for jobs relating with fire prevention. The floor space in jurisdiction of the Branch is at 56,000 square meters.

    It conducts its business based on the principle of "Be Realistic and Strict in Management to Advance Stably" so as to provide premium-quality service, accomplish lean management, adapt to the market and create more benefits. It has established a series of optimized management system to improve sustainably its property management. It has achieved hotel-oriented office management and won the title of Advanced Healthy Organization in Shandong province and municipal level Patriotic and Healthy Advanced Group. It creates a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for both the parent company and the vast lessees.

    • Tel:(0533)7967255、7967132、7967268
    • Address: 4/F, Host Building of Petrochemical Plaza, Qilu Chemical Trading Center, Linzi, Zibo, Shandong
    • Zip code: 255400